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Tree lighting installed at Picnic Bay

New innovative and sustainable lighting has been installed in trees along Picnic Bay’s dining strip.

The project includes warm white lights in the trees adjacent to the bay, and brighter coloured lights in trees close to the Picnic Bay Hotel, beer garden and mall.

Council Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said the lights are safe for the trees and people and have been installed to encourage more use in the area.

“The installation of this lighting in areas like Picnic Bay is a way for Council to enhance our open spaces and showcase our natural environment,” Cr Soars said.

“These were some of the most highly rated values for liveability in Townsville, as indicated by residents in our Liveability Survey.

“These lights are locally produced, programmable, ultra-low voltage, and human and plant friendly so there is no risk to the trees or to the children that play in the trees.

“We’ve had similar lights on the trees at The Strand for some time now and they’ve done really well in that space, so I’m glad we could try them on the Island too.”

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