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Hundreds bid farewell to  Gary 'Gazza' Lane

Debbie Denison

Hundreds of people gathered on the foreshore of Horseshoe Bay on Saturday afternoon to bid farewell to long time island resident Gary Lane.

Known as the ‘Mayor of Horseshoe Bay’, a bay which Gary loved.

Those in attendance heard of a man who lived a full and colourful life.

Gary was born in Sydney during World War 2, his family relocated to Melbourne when Gary was a teenager. His father owned a butcher shop and Gary took up the trade finishing his apprenticeship before opening his own butcher shop.

At the age of 17 Gary became the ‘Golden Gloves Heavy Weight Champion of Victoria'.

It was in Melbourne he met the lovely Lyn, they  moved to Queensland firstly to the Gold Coast and then to Magnetic Island, they married and raised 3 children Dale, Kelly & Troy.

Gary was the Manager of the Arcadia Hotel becoming the first person outside of the Hayles family to manage the Hotel during its redevelopment  and official opening.

He then went on the open his own restaurant ‘Gazzas’ where the Stage Door Theatre restaurant is in Hayles Ave.

He also opened a butcher shop in Clarke Street Nelly Bay before selling it to Les Rule.

After selling the butcher shop Gary then  went to sea another great love of his.

Over the years  Gary owned several boats but it was the fishing boat Kypena he made his living from fishing, working the boat for several seasons. The fishing industry can be very challenging , weather conditions, engine break downs and some seasons revenue was very lean.

Gary worked on the Nelly Bay Harbour development during the harbours excavation stage driving trucks. After work he would be back in his beloved Horseshoe Bay sitting in the park or Geckos Bar at Maggies drinking, talking to old mates and watching the glorious sunsets.

Gary was a pretty good left handed golfer, he excelled at playing Pool, in 2009 he joined the Magnetic Island Bowls Club. He took to bowling like a duck to water, winning several championships over the years. He loved the game and the companionship of fellow bowlers.

He loved to party, often  a little too much, he was a great dancer, he lit up every room he stepped into. His millennium New Years Eve Party of 2000 at the end Pacific Drive it still talked about to this day.

A keen Op Shopper, a wheeler and dealer he operated Gazza’s Used Cars, Boats Trailers and Caravan Yard on acreage in Swenson Street.

Those gathered were told of Gary’s numerous adventures and some of his misadventures over many years.

On the 26th November Gary lost his battle with cancer, he passed away peacefully on the island he loved, surrounded by his loving family. Gary was 81 years of age.

Gary lived life to the fullest, his family and friends gathered to remember a great man and to thank him for the memories.

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