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It’s almost time to think about who you would like to thank for their tireless work in the community with nominations opening soon for the 2023 Queensland Community Achievement Awards.

If someone has impressed you with their community spirit, why not nominate them! The Queensland Community Achievement Awards will launch on Friday 16th June 2023, and the state-wide search for local contributors who are making a real difference in your region will begin.

Every town has:

  • • That inspiring individual, who we all wonder where they always find the time

  • • The local business forever supporting its community whilst running the best business in town

  • • The community group that is helping… well everyone and everything

The awards celebrate those people who have contributed to their community, no matter how big or small!

These nominees will be the selfless unsung heroes that dedicate their time to helping the lives of others within their community.

Full details of the Category descriptions and the conditions of entry can be found on our website

Have someone in mind that you would like to nominate? You can submit an early nomination by heading to and select ‘Refer Someone’. Alternatively, make the process that much easier by calling us on 1300 055 096 or email and passing on their details and we will take it from there.

All nominees will receive a letter of congratulations and a certificate of encouragement for their nomination.

Nominations close Tuesday 22 August, with judging to take place throughout September. Winners will be announced on Friday 17 November at the 2023 Community Achievement Awards Gala Presentation Dinner.

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