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Filmmaker fined for flouting rules

A filmmaker who recorded himself fishing in Great Barrier Reef Marine Park green zones and camping unlawfully in national parks has been issued with nine fines and remains under investigation for further breaches.

The man, who made and uploaded multiple videos across four months, travelled by boat throughout the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and various coastal islands.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Regional Director Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Region Anthony Contarino said the videos were uploaded in 2021.

“While the videos provide stunning visuals of remote locations, it is clear there has been a total disregard for marine park green zones and national park rules,” Mr Contarino said.

“The videos show fishing and spearfishing in marine park green zones where these activities are not permitted, camping without permits and entering a restricted access area.

“These nine fines totalling $3,600 are potentially the first in a series of fines that could be issued if further breaches are detected.

“These videos, which have often attracted more than 400-thousand views, were produced without the knowledge or cooperation of the QPWS or the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

“Rangers have reviewed several videos to determine the amount of noncompliance and will continue to work through each video.

“QPWS are aware that videos like this are extremely popular, particularly due to the locations and the wildlife, but we cannot tolerate people doing what they like just to get good content.”

Mr Contarino said QPWS did not want to stop people from making these adventure-type programs, but any aspiring filmmakers need to respect the rules.

“QPWS have zero tolerance for people who enter restricted areas, camp without permits or fish in marine green zones,” he said.

“That includes people making films for social media or for profit, and anyone who is unsure of the rules can find them on our website.

“In this case, the person was also issued with an advisory letter informing them of other possible breaches of legislation, and that the investigation remains ongoing.”

Penalty Infringement Notices (PIN) issued:

  • Four PINs totalling $532 for camping without a permit contrary to the Nature Conservation (Protected Areas Management) Regulation 2017

  • Four PINs totalling $2,668 for unlawful use of a zoned marine park contrary to the Marine Parks Regulation 2017

  • One $400 PIN for entry into a Restricted Access Area contrary to the Nature Conservation (Protected Area Management) Regulations 2017

Anyone with information about breaches of the Nature Conservation Act 1992 or the Marine Parks Regulation 2017 is urged to contact the department on 1300 130 372

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