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Community announcement – planned burn

Smoke from Magnetic National Park

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships (QPWS&P) will conduct a planned

burn within the Curlew Flat area adjacent to Horseshoe Bay road on Thursday 15 July 2021,

weather permitting, as part of the annual hazard reduction/conservation management program for

parks and forests.

As a result, smoke may be seen along the Horseshoe Bay road between Alma Bay and the Forts


The aim of this burn is to reduce the volume of forest fuels and to create a mosaic pattern of burnt

and unburnt areas.

This will help reduce the intensity of any subsequent wildfires and provide favourable conditions

for natural forest regeneration.

Smoke can decrease visibility on the roads so it is important that motorists drive safely to the


For more information, please call Magnetic Island office of QPWS&P on 4778 5378.

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