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A Page Turns At Newsagency

Pictured above: Rob & Teri Koenen with staff members Lauren Inchley and Marg Petrie.

Debbie Denison

On the 8th May the Arcadia News agency changed hands from Rob & Teri Koenen to Gavin & Karin Chapple.

For the past 2 weeks Rob & Teri have been assisting the new owners. Last weekend was the final day in the shop, so after 38 years in retail on Magnetic Island the couple are now planning to put their feet up, travel and enjoy retirement.

Rob and Teri arrived on the island in 1985. In January 1986 they purchased the Arcadia Store, during the next 16 years the couple ran the business and started their family.

1994 they welcomed their first daughter Breanna, followed by Cara in 1996, Alyssa in 1997 and their only son Dirk was born 2000. With 4 young children the couple worked the store 7 days a week.

Pictured above: The Koenen Children with Tinkerbell.

In 2001 along with Maureen and Stephen Rosenhardt they purchased the Arcadia News agency from Joan & Tony Mitchell. Teri recalls “ It was such as busy time because were running two businesses until the Arcadia Store sold in the February of 2002. Rob would stay home with the children, I would pedal around on my bike to open the news agency with Steve and then pedal around to Arcadia Store to open up there”.

Pictured above: Newspaper photo of newsagency handover in 2001: Teri, Steve, Rob holding Alyssa, Joan Mitchell and Maureen.

For the next 22 years Rob & Teri raised their children, becoming a very sporting family with all the children being in involved in the Arcadia Surf Lifesaving Club and all playing AFL for the Magnetic Magpies.

Pictured above: Teri in Sister Act.

Teri was involved with the Kindy and the P&C at the Nelly Bay State School organising some of the famous mystery progressive fundraiser dinners which are still talked about today.

Picured above: Rob in the Arcadian Masters Team.

Their children now live in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and country Victoria.

Breanna is the Capt of the Women's Brisbane Lions AFL team , Cara plays for the Sunshine Lightning and is on the team of Australian Diamonds netball team. Alyssa is a world champion lifesaver and Dirk plays in the VFL.

Rob told the MCN “Cara is playing in South Africa later this year so we will travel there to see the matches, go on safari and check out the wineries. We also want to explore Australia and there is so much much to see. “

They will remain living in the family home in Arcadia.

We wish them every happiness in their well earned retirement.

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