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Water Supply Update – Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Update 2 – 8am 18 February

A water main supplying water to Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island ruptured in the early morning of Thursday 17 February 2022, impacting the supply of water to residential and commercial properties in Horseshoe Bay. Townsville Water were able to fix the pipe but identified a secondary rupture which required specialist welding equipment to repair. Crews are continuing the urgent work today and are prioritising the restoration of water supply to the impacted area.

A Water truck is at the Horseshoe Bay oval car park today for residents to come and collect water if they wish.

Anyone in COVID isolation in the affected area can request water to be delivered to their homes – this can be arranged through 13 48 10.

Townsville Water thanks customers for their understanding and patience.

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