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Vale David 'Crusty' Herron

We are deeply saddened to read that David 'Crusty' Herron has passed on.

A man of so many facets.

We began thinking all the times we worked with him on one of the many political endeavours with both state and council for a better outcome for our island community.

He was heavily involved in the union movement.

His time working for the Carnell Family on Island Adventures, him driving buses for the Magnetic Island Bus Company and ofcourse his business as a marriage celebrant and his signature slogan 'I Want To Marry You'.

A colourful character, he was Captain Cook in the final few Re-Discovery Weekends held at Horseshoe Bay.

He generously donated his time to host and compare many events. He suffered ill health in the final years of his life.

David always believed in the Jewish faith and that was a great comfort for him.

To his many, many friends, loved ones and his family we wish to send our sincere condolences.

The world is now a sadder place, but he is now with God.

Pictured above: Crusty as Capt James Cook and Pirate Pete ( Peter Dowell) on Australia Day ReDiscovery Weekend in Horseshoe Bay Circa 1990's

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Feb 21

My shed vibrated with "NO!!!" just reading this. It is not often i am as saddened. Crusty... I hope to continue the discussions with you if I can ever catch up. Smooth my path good Sir.

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