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In April the MCN contacted Scott Stewarts office for comment on this matter, they denied any knowledge of purposed closure.

The MCN attended the May MIRRA meeting at which both Mayor Jenny Hill and Councillor Ann Maree Greaney attended, neither mentioned the proposed closure.

At this stage the lease has not been handed back.

MCN has contacted the owners of the freehold property at Radical Bay for comment we are awaiting there response.

More updates to come!

Here is a joint statement from Scott Stewart & TCC regarding closure of Radical Bay access.

Maggie Island’s Radical Bay access track to be devoted to bushwalkers only

A 40-year-old track into a long-closed former resort will be reserved for bushwalkers to provide more opportunity to safely experience Magnetic Island’s vast walking trail network. Resources Minister and member for Townsville Scott Stewart announced works would start next month to bring an end to vehicle use on the Radical Bay access track, a legacy of the Radical Bay Resort which closed in the early 1990s.

“Maggie Island is a truly special place with breathtaking views and picturesque beaches and bays,” Mr Stewart said. “Currently the shared access track is not a public road and is in a poor state and unsafe for walkers and drivers alike. “Devoting the Radical Bay access track to bushwalkers only will ensure we do not spoil our treasured spots on the island while still allowing the public to safely enjoy them. “Both locals and tourists will be able to walk the track and they will be rewarded by seeing stunning views, wildlife and visiting the secluded Radical Bay. “Utilising more of our natural assets for eco-tourism is an important part of Queensland’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan and this new dedicated walking track will create flow-on benefits for businesses across the island.”

Since 2012, Juniper Property Holdings has held approval for a 24-lot housing development near Radical Bay on Magnetic Island, which included upgrades to the 3.5km access track. However, the proposed development will not go ahead, and the company has applied to surrender the permits held over the existing track footprint.

Gates will be installed at the entrance to the track opposite Horseshoe Bay Road and opposite the residence at Arthur Bay. Local councillor Ann-Maree Greaney welcomed the decision to limit vehicular access to eligible users only, while continuing to make it available to bushwalkers.

“The Radical Bay access track has never been a gazetted road and over the years its condition has deteriorated significantly which has caused issues for those using it,” Cr Greaney said. “With the development permits for Radical Bay being surrendered, reserving the track for use by bushwalkers and limiting vehicular access to eligible vehicles only is the most appropriate course of action.”

Keys to the gates will be provided to eligible users such as emergency services, park rangers and the owner of the Arthur Bay residence. Mr Stewart said it was important that police, fire and ambulance services were able to access the track with a vehicle in case of an emergency situation.

This initiative will complement the Palaszczuk Government’s commitments to providing a range of new eco-trail experiences on Magnetic Island like the recently completed $2.35 million Forts Junction Hub, which has enhanced community access, provided much-needed amenities, as well as an orientation centre for the island’s trail network.

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Ron McDonald
Ron McDonald

I think it’s a disgrace that the road to Radical Bay has been closed off instead of being repaired and maintained. In its current condition both Radical and Florence Bays can only be visited by those young and fit enough to make the 6km hilly walk, and those who have the time to spend (those staying on the island for more than one day). These two bays are the best on the island, as they are sheltered from the prevailing SE winds, and don’t have the pollution seen in Horseshoe Bay from dozens of visiting yachts and trawlers.

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