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Tennis match on a full- size sustainable tennis court on the Great Barrier Reef

Pictured above: Steph Claire Smith, Ian Thorpe, Jess Fox and Nathan Cleary

adidas continues to build a more sustainable future with the launch of the adidas Tennis

apparel range Made With Parley Ocean Plastic, which is set to make its debut on the courts of the Australian Open in Melbourne from January 17, 2022.

Today, adidas sporting greats Ian Thorpe, Jess Fox, Nathan Cleary and Steph Claire Smith stepped aboard the ocean tennis court, swapping their sport of choice for a hit of tennis.

adidas ambassador Ian Thorpe said he is proud to partner with the adidas family and that

the new range ensures that more Aussies are talking about eco-innovative solutions to one of today’s most pressing environmental challenges.

“The design of the new adidas Tennis range Made With Parley Ocean Plastic, is inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, so it was appropriately launched in the stunning heritage-protected Queensland marine park today to raise awareness and positive discussion around how we can help End Plastic Waste. It was a day that none of us will ever forget.

Plastic is a problem that has reached unfathomable proportions: Unless we change

course, there will be more plastic waste in the sea than fish by 2050. This waste is destroy-ing the oceans,” Thorpe said.

adidas has worked side-by-side with GBRMPA (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority)

and one of the Authority’s approved tug and barge operators to transform the top surface

of a working barge into a tennis court surface.

A week out from the Australian Open, the barge - that regularly travels through the Great

Barrier Reef for important environmental marine construction & diving projects - was

transformed into a floating tennis court.

In talking about the new range, adidas Pacific Senior Director of Brand, Shannon Morgan

said, “at adidas we believe through sport we have the power to change lives. We live this

purpose everyday by looking at all possibilities to include and unite people in sport to help

create a more sustainable world. We need to continue to implement sustainable solutions

now, so that we can help create a new era of sport for future generations.

We’re committed to help end plastic waste and, by 2024, we’ll eliminate virgin polyester in

our products completely and use recycled polyester wherever possible. To achieve these

goals, we foster open-source partnerships and put a high value on collaboration over com-petition to create sustainable solutions that go beyond our own business and influence,” Morgan said.

The adidas tennis court surface will be fully recycled into a sports court, donated to a local

Townsville school, paving the way for school kids to unite through sport and play a part in

creating a more sustainable world.

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