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TCC To Remove Problem Tree

Pictured above: Corymbia tessellaris In Apjohn St. earmarked to be removed.

Debbie Denison

There has been much speculation on social media as to why this native tree is marked for removal in Apjohn Street Horseshoe Bay.

The Magnetic Community News contacted TCC they have responded with this statement.

A spokeperson for TCC told the MCN:

"Council crews inspected the Corymbia tessellaris in June this year and recommended the tree be removed for a number of reasons, including: the tree is growing too close to the resident’s driveway; the tree and root plate are expected to grow and further damage the driveway, road, and kerb and channel; root management to the tree would cause significant damage and compromise the stability of the tree, and the exposed roots present a tripping hazard on the footpath.

Council has scheduled the tree removal during the next three to four months and will undertake replacement native tree plantings.

All of these actions are in line with Council’s Tree Policy and Guidelines."

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