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Supermarket Pricing Inquiry is listening to Queenslanders

The Supermarket Pricing Select Committee, established on 7 March 2024, will examine the causes and effects of increased supermarket prices and identify opportunities to increase transparency in the supermarket sector for consumers and producers.

Chair of the Committee Mr. Tom Smith MP said the inquiry is about listening to the experience

of every-day Queenslanders in order to give every-day Queenslanders a fair go when it comes to the large supermarket industry.

“From the farm-gate to the kitchen table, the practices by big supermarket chains are having a

negative financial impact at a time when cost of living pressures are tightening household

budgets and putting the squeeze on local producers”, said Mr Smith.

”It is important to hear the first-hand accounts of Queensland producers outside of the peak

industry associations. We need producers to put their story first-hand to the committee so as we can know the real stories behind the pressures being put on them.

“While we want to engage with the larger peak body associations, the Committee is encouraging farmers to submit public or confidential submissions to provide a grassroots picture that needs to be shared across the broader community”, said Mr Smith.

The committee will investigate a wide range of issues, including rising grocery prices and

discrepancies between retail, wholesale and farmgate prices, and the conduct of retailers when negotiating with Queensland producers.

The committee is calling for submissions from key stakeholders including primary producers,

retailers, suppliers, and welcomes submissions from people who would like to detail their

experiences with the rising prices of foods and groceries.

Submissions close at 10am on Friday, 12 April 2024.

The committee intends to hold public hearings in Brisbane, Bundaberg and Cairns.

To find out more about the inquiry, including the terms of reference and how to make a

submission, visit the inquiry webpage at:

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