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Statement to the Magnetic Island Community from MICAN

This MICAN was established in conjunction with the Townsville Hospital & Health Service (THHS) and concerned community members in 2020 after the closure of the private health care provider on the Island leaving only the THHS operated Magnetic Island Health Service

The MICAN is made of individuals from the island and provides community feedback to the THHS about community needs. We currently have members from across the community with an interest in healthcare. While current members do happen to belong to various community groups including MIRRA, MICDA, MINCA and Zero Waste etc, the MICAN Terms of Reference dictate that members operate in their own right as independent community members.

The emphasis for the MICAN is to provide feedback to THHS on systemic healthcare issues primarily within the context of services delivered by the THHS but also where the THHS can work in partnerships to improve and optimise care and support for individuals, families and the Magnetic Island community.

While the MICAN has the ability to escalate issues within THHS governance, the MICAN does not make policy regarding health services on the island and does not advocate for other health service providers on the Island.

Membership of the MICAN is limited to 15. Currently there are 7 members leaving 8 vacancies which we are looking to fill.

If you have concerns and ideas about health care provision on Magnetic Island, we welcome you to join us. Membership is by application to the Townsville Hospital & Health Service Stakeholder Engagement Unit

Currently there is a National shortage of General Practitioners in rural areas which is impacting on provision of bulk billing services on Magnetic Island. If you are sick and need to see a doctor and cannot afford to attend the GP practice, please do not ignore your health. Go to the Magnetic Island Health Service Centre – a Queensland Health service where you can be assessed and seen by a doctor if appropriate.

The College of General Practitioners say “Australians deserve access to a quality, comprehensive, connected primary care sector which provides them with coordinated care led by their GP. However, timely and equitable access to general practice services is a growing issue identified across the sector.” A General Practice Crisis Summit was held in October and further negotiations were held in November.

Our Primary Health Care system is in crisis and our elected members need to develop meaningful solutions to address the challenges facing our general practice- Magnetic Islanders need an accessible primary health care service.

Please write to your elected politicians-

Mark Butler- Minister for Health and Aged Care-

Anika Wells – Minister for Aged Care & Sport-

Emma McBride- Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide prevention and assistant Minister Rural and Regional Health

Yvette D’Ath- Minister for Health and Ambulance Services

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