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Statement from Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill

Tonight the Townsville sign, Victoria Bridge, Wharton Reef Lighthouse, George Roberts Bridge, Old Magistrates Court House, Central Park Boardwalk and Little Fletcher Bridge will be lit up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag to show our solidarity following the events over the last 48 hours.

The news of Russia’s military action against Ukraine is deeply upsetting for the people of Ukraine and Europe.

We are showing our solidarity with Ukraine and Townsville residents with Ukrainian roots by lighting up parts our city in yellow and blue.

Our effort will join the shows of solidarity made across the world with the lighting up of 10 Downing Street in London, Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, City Hall in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and the Colosseum in Rome to show our support for the Ukrainian people.

There are no winners in war, and our support and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this moment.

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