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School zone enforcement returns as Operation Victor Easter wraps up with some alarming results

Queensland Police are pleading with parents not to drink and drive with their children in the car, after detecting 1244 drink and drug drivers over the school holiday period.

Throughout the two week operation, police issued 11181 traffic infringements to drivers, including 1126 to speeding drivers.

98,886 RBTS were conducted across the state, with 737 drink drivers detected.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Stream said that alarmingly, multiple drink drivers detected also had children in their vehicle.

“It is concerning and, quite frankly, distressing that over the school holiday period, some parents have been caught over the legal limit with their children in the car.

“Drink driving is a choice the drivers make. It does not happen by accident. And for a parent to make that choice and put their children at risk as well – it is abhorrent.

“Luckily, our officers have intercepted these people before real tragedy struck. But we are not always that lucky.

“Police do everything they can to keep our motorists safe on Queensland roads, but drivers have to meet us half way,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Stream said.

Tragically, nine lives were lost on our roads in the last fortnight, with the 2023 lives lost amount currently at 68.

“It is heartbreaking to think of the families that have been impacted by road crashes these school holidays,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Stream said.

“We also saw 464 injury traffic crashes around the state. That’s 597 people who may now been dealing with life changing injuries.”

Despite the certain behaviours of a few, police remain pleased overall with the behaviour of majority of motorists these school holidays.

“There is always more to do when it comes to motorists being safe on our roads and we will not stop our work in this space just because the school holidays are over,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Stream said.

“As school returns this week, we are calling on all motorists, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and riders to play their part to keep each other safe.”

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