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Ross River Dam update

Picture above: Ross River Dam all gates open during 2019 rain event.

Council monitors dam levels as part of normal practice during an active wet season.

With the rainfall the city has received in the past five days, the Ross River Dam reached 100 per cent late last night, which commenced the controlled opening of the radial gates.

The current controlled release through the gates is not significant.

Townsville Deputy Mayor Mark Molachino said management of dams across the country was highly regulated to ensure the dams are operated safely and in accordance with design.

“This is a controlled release in accordance with the approved plan for the management of the dam and usual during the wet season,” Cr Molachino said.

”Council will receive a further weather briefing from the Bureau of Meteorology later this morning and will continue to keep the community informed on developments.

“Current weather forecasts from the bureau indicate the weather is clearing over coming days and this information would indicate that dam levels should not rise significantly.”

Operation of the radial gates on the spillway is controlled by and undertaken as part of Council’s approved Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for the management of the Ross River Dam.

“The community can visit the dam information pages on Council’s website to familiarise themselves with the normal and approved operation of the dam and Council’s Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard to ensure they have the latest information,” Cr Molachino said.

For more information about announcements and activity related to the monsoonal weather, residents should visit Council’s Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard.

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