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Residents told to not rubbish Council’s free green waste disposal

Townsville City Council is reminding residents to take advantage of the city’s year-round free green waste disposal as we head towards the wet season.

Unlimited domestic green waste disposal is free at all of Council’s waste transfer stations all year round.

Mayor Jenny Hill said this was the best time of year to make the most of the free green waste disposal.

“We’re heading towards the end of our dry season and people across Townsville are starting to think about how to clean up their yards before the wet season starts,” Cr Hill said.

“If you’re pruning trees and hedges, cleaning branches out of your gutters, or picking palm fronds off your lawn you can always bring those green waste items to your nearest waste facility to dispose of for free.

“Just make sure you aren’t contaminating your green waste by mixing it with other kinds of rubbish.”

Cr Hill said it was important that people disposed of their green waste properly instead of dumping it in the city’s natural areas.

“People who dump their green waste in waterways or national parks are causing devastating environmental impacts,” she said.

“Illegally dumped green waste can cause blocked waterways that increase the risk of erosion and flooding, the spread of pest species and weeds that destroy native plant habitats, the introduction of pest animals and diseases, the risk of fires, and an increased risk of snakes.

“Council officers check for illegal dumping across Townsville and hand out serious fines of more than $2000. When you look at it that way, it’s much easier to load up your car or trailer and dispose of your green waste for free at Council’s transfer facilities.”

Unlimited domestic green waste can be disposed of for free at any of Council’s waste facilities.

To report illegal dumping, call Council on 13 48 10 or record it on the Snap Send Solve app.

For more information about waste in Townsville, visit Council’s website.

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