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Purple Scooters To Be Back On The Island

Debbie Denison

The disappearance of the purple scooters off the island last Thursday created much talk and conjecture as to why they were being taken away?

The MCN contacted Beam Scooters and a spokesperson told the MCN " The scooters were removed temporarily due to staff shortages, rest assured they are off temporarily, we have also had some questions from Council."

Last year the scooters were introduced to two bays on the island, Arcadia & Nelly Bay, their presence has caused some controversy around the island.

The spokeperson went on to say "You will see them tomorrow."

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I don’t know who decides where they park them overnight but it would be better to locate them away from Peppers or a residential area.

They can be very noisy, and disruptive to the lives of people in the apartments nearby, ie bells ringing, bad language, arguments, damaging behaviour etc..

Maybe over at the ferry terminal would be a more suitable location.

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