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Police urge the community against complacency with severe weather with potential localised flooding

With severe weather with intense rainfall and potential flash flooding predicted to again impact many parts of Queensland police are urging the community against complacency and are advising people to stay up to date and stay informed – Rainfall forecast maps

Tragically, severe weather and flooding has seen motorists, pedestrians and boaties loose their lives this year with police pleading with the public to heed the warnings and advice of authorities and to re-think their need to travel during intense, heavy or persistent rainfall.

Intense rain, damaging winds and embedded severe thunderstorm activity can result in extremely hazardous conditions on roadways. Trying to navigate these hazards, either in vehicles or on foot, is extremely dangerous, as we have sadly already witnessed, as water levels rise and fall quickly.

Members of the public are urged to avoid roads, creeks and bridges likely to be impacted by rapidly rising water, storm debris and flood damage. Motorists are also reminded that road closures and road conditions can and do change rapidly, often within minutes.

If driving please travel with extreme caution and drive to the prevailing weather and road conditions – plan your trip, allow additional travel time, incorporating travelling at lower speeds, delays and diversions and remember: If It’s Flooded: Forget It and just Back it Up.

Importantly, re-think your need to be on the roads as flash flooding can and does occur without warning, washing away roads, bridges and vehicles. Motorists can easily, and unintentionally, find themselves swept away.

Parents are also reminded to ensure their children are not playing in flood prone waterways, watercourses and drains.

It is also important to monitor you local council and local media.

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