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About 70 people attended the November MIRRA meeting held on Saturday the 4th Nov.

Debbie Denison gave a short report on her Community Cabinet meeting with Qld. Health Minister Shannon Fentiman, to talk about the badly needed new health clinic and aged care. The Minister said the island was on a list of 5 locations that badly needed a new Health facility (including X-ray and ultrasound) – further updates to come.

Rick Vernon attended a briefing with Federal Assistant Defence Minister, Matt Thistlewaite MP, concerning the sale of the old Amaroo units on Bremner Point. Most attendees are opposed to the sale forcing the Minister to pause the sale while further consultation is held (unknown timeframe). An attendee at the MIRRA meeting pointed out that several islanders and Townsville people were interested in the site and wanted to buy it.

Deb Barber responded to rumours about development at the Arcadia Village Hotel saying all works there were about the road resurfacing and drainage work being carried out on Cook Road, Armand Way and Hayles Avenue was not the building of a cane toad racing stadium (Vern Jack stadium) and there were no plans for any new development there.

Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney then addressed the meeting, with some of the large number of issues affecting the island.

School pool – Councillor Greaney said Qld. Dept of Sport who now have an MOU from Education Dept. (pool owners) there are a few issues that need clarifying before the MOU is signed which will allow pool to re-open to public – great outcome.

Trees on verge – are the responsibility of TCC and tree loppers must get permit from TCC to cut down/lop trees on verge.

Neighbour disobeying building laws – should be reported to TCC.

Picnic Bay Hill – guard rails at base of hill o/s Base/Nomads are safety issue and need to be replaced and then road will be resurfaced – but in next year’s capital works. Councillor Greaney will push for an earlier date and advise.

Picnic Bay toilets – will go back to their original place and updated design (unisex, disabled and showers) like HSB. Councillor Greaney advised that work should begin within the next couple of months.

New animal laws over 2 years in the making – state govt. laws are being changed (once again) and TCC is looking at changes to see how this fits in with previous changes. MIRRA will get a preview before they are made public.

Apjohn Street drainage – has seen the weeds and saplings growing in drain – maintenance work needed badly – will be programmed over the next few weeks and get work done.

Council has become reactive only and not proactive regarding maintenance, council officers in attendance were asked why the island is no longer inspected weekly to report problems and get them fixed.

Nets at Sports reserve are too small – Councillor Greaney said she was unaware and will investigate. No complaints from AFL.

Alma Creek drainage and Geoffrey Bay outfall – Tony O’Malley from Arcadia Coast Care firstly outlined his groups concerns.

Council’s Chief Sustainability Officer Greg Bruce said their research showed there would be only an 11% increase in water flow into Alma Creek and all environmental and other permits have been obtained. Mr. Bruce also acknowledged that communication with ACC may have been lacking, and that TCC was happy to work with ACC to get a better outcome.

Picnic Bay Water Treatment Plant - This issue has been on going for 5 years and is still unresolved. Disposal of excess water on Lot 2 (on the other side of the waste facility) which council holds a license to do so.

Industrial land – this was vital for island businesses but not in Nelly Bay, suggestions that any new industrial area be placed on Lot 2 Picnic Bay, Councillor Greaney to advise.

Next MIRRA meeting will be held on Saturday 2nd December 2023

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