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National Stroke Week August 2-8, 2021

National Stroke Week is coming up from Monday August 2 - Sunday August 8.

The theme for 2021 is United by Stroke, which celebrates our frontline healthcare workers who save lives every day and the health professionals who support the recovery of survivors.

National Stroke Week also recognises everyday Australians who know the most common signs of stroke, F.A.S.T. (Face.Arms.Speech.Time).

  • All Australians are encouraged to be “united by stroke” by learning and sharing the F.A.S.T. message this National Stroke Week:

  • • Face Check their face. Has their mouth drooped?

  • Arms Can they lift both arms?

  • Speech Is their speech slurred? Do they understand you?

  • Time is critical If you see any of these signs call triple zero (000) straight away.

  • Why should you care?

  • • Stroke is one of Australia’s biggest killers and a leading cause of disability.

  • • More than 27,400 people in Australia had a stroke for the first time in 2020.

  • • You can help save a life - more than 80 percent of strokes display at least one of the F.A.S.T. signs of stroke.

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