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September 3, 2022, RSL CLUB, ARCADIA

With 27 people in attendance, the AGM of the Association was held with office bearers for the 22/23 year being:

President: Cameron Turnbull

Vice President: Ewe Cheng Khoo

Treasurer: Mary Allen

Secretary: Rick Vernon

This was followed by the general meeting which began with a report on the meeting with the Museum of Underwater Art. All Island organisations had agreed and voted against the installation being put in Geoffrey or Alma Bays, leaving the options of Nelly Bay or John Brewer Reef. A letter from MOUA said that now this had happened GBRMPA would have to start public consultation all over again unless all organisations agreed to forgo this. The meeting did not approve that course of action with one attendee saying that the sculptures looked great in the museum and should stay there.

The insurance situation with Beam electric scooters is still unclear with the company declining to commit. Further investigations will continue.

The meeting was asked what had happened to the offer by Cr Greaney of $250 to defray MIRRA’s operating costs and the executive committee said it wasn’t worth the bureaucratic bother. Mike Schmidt said members could donate that amount, and started the kitty with $50.

The matter of the Arcadia bus stop is still not resolved. It was pointed out that the survey on the matter had only been put on facebook and many bus users had been excluded by this. It was suggested a letterbox drop would be more efficient. A Translink rep will be invited to come to the island and address this issue. There was much discussion on the bus service with some members wanting more and smaller buses, while others pointed out the increase in the number of tourists meant this was not practical and the requirement for more drivers was a problem.

The need for wider footpaths to keep bikes off the road and also that the new sealing on the road at Horseshoe Bay had created a six inch dropoff at the edge. The state of the Picnic Bay Road was raised and it was decided to find out who at the Council was actually in charge of Magnetic Island works and invite them to a meeting.

It was proposed that Magnetic Island had to get out from under the Townsville Council, saying they can’t afford Magnetic Island. As a tourist attraction bringing in $330 million a year, some people feel we should come under State government control and funding. The president said we needed to establish a unanimous voice for the island to liaise with all levels of government.

The matter of illegal camping was discussed and the need for Council to provide a camping site. The council’s RV Strategy published in 2020 was produced without any public consultation on Magnetic Island and therefore ignores our problems which they have continued to do.

Drainage problems in Grace Street were reported and they were directed to Council’s Snap and Solve website.

While rates increases for private residences have been capped at 10%, the rate increase for businesses was 100% to 150%. And, as well, the land tax increase is coming up which will cost business operators significantly. Also vacant land and houses which area not a principal place of residence are not capped and the new land tax increases, which impose QLD land tax on properties owned in other states will also have a significant impact.

There was some discussion about the World Heritage status of Magnetic Island and President Cameron Turnbull explained the history of the island’s inclusion in the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act and the fact that it was done without the knowledge of, or consultation with, the Magnetic Island community, only with MICDA and MINCA. It was simply imposed. The situation is that while the island itself is not World Heritage listed, it is in the World Heritage area which imposes limitations on what can be constructed here according to “World Heritage values”. Houses can be constructed on freehold land, providing they are in keeping with neighbouring houses. Any new developments must be evaluated by the EPB.

Meeting closed at 11.40

Next meeting October 1

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3 comentarii

10 sept. 2022

I'm worried about MIRRA's blind obsession with the GBR World Heritage Area and this latest attempt to claim, against all legal advice, that "while the island itself is not World Heritage listed, it is in the World Heritage area". This view, which is maintained by a persistent minority, is simply wrong. It seems to be based on the incorrect assumption that the WHArea is the same as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - ie. since the Marine Park does not include the islands, therefore the WHArea does not include the islands either. Therein lies the problem. The Marine Park was established in the 1970s, the WHArea in 1981. They are two separate entities. According to the GBRMPA publication "The…

11 sept. 2022
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