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Updated: Dec 2, 2021


November meeting, 2021

With more than 30 people in attendance and in the unavoidable absence of President Cameron Turnbull, the meeting got underway at 10 am at the RSL in Arcadia.

There was a letter from Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney saying that the position of Magnetic Island Compliance Officer would be advertised on Saturday, November 13. At last, after five years of this position being vacant. She also reported that consultation on the new animal management laws was complete and a report was being prepared for the council. She provided a progress report on the Apjohn Street drainage works and invited anyone with concerns to contact her.

She expressed concern about illegal camping on the island and the meeting agreed it was a serious problem. The meeting asked that we write to her pointing out that the illegal camping problem was across the island, not just at Horseshoe Bay, passed.

One member pointed out warned that introducing regulated parking to control illegal camping could have unintended consequences for residents and visitors so we should think carefully before agreeing to this remedy.

Letter from NBN Local, asking to come to next meeting about the challenges and opportunities with the NBN on the island and they will be invited to the December meeting, along with Jo Petersen from National Parks who will talk on the walking trail network.

Copy of a submission to the Council on the new animal laws from Dr Jacquie Rand, Emeritus Professor, UQ opposing the new laws along with a letter from Dr Richard Malik, University of Sydney, saying that owned cats posed a zero risk of toxoplasmosis and, if they were kept inside, as they are in Canberra, there was no problem.

Steve Lane, Sunbus Depot Manager, Magnetic Island, addressed the meeting about the proposed route changes for the buses which would mean cutting out two loops though backstreets of Nelly Bay, and using only Hayles Avenue in Arcadia, cutting out the main road there. He also reported that the buses were now fitted with GPS trackers so would not be able to divert from the official route in order to help people. There was spirited discussion and it was proposed that we form a working group with representatives from all island organisations, Translink, and the Council to resolve problems before any changes were made. Deb Barber will organise this.

It was reported that the boat ramp at the centre of Geoffrey Bay in Arcadia is disintegrating and needs to be removed before the cyclone season or it will be spread across the bay. Council will be notified immediately.

There was some discussion about the school pool. Both Scott Stewart and Mayor Jenny Hill told a recent meeting that the State government owned the pool and the Council funded it for public use so they would fix the problems with the change rooms. However the Magnetic Island State School is looking for someone to run the pool and they claim that they receive no funding from the Council for it. Clarification is needed.

The Port Authority Community Liaison Group minutes were circulated and also the Draft Magnetic Island Health Services Plan for discussion.

The next meeting will be held on December 4 at 10 am at the RSL Hall.

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