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June 4, 2022, RSL CLUB, ARCADIA

The meeting was attended by 47 residents, but unfortunately not by Cr Greaney, Council Infrastructure manager Claudia Brassard, nor GBRMPA.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved, but the query about the new Compliance Officer’s weekly hours remains unanswered. The question was asked whether the stolen green ant had been returned but sadly it has not.

A letter from GBRMPA saying that the siting of the MOUA was not yet decided and they couldn’t comment as work is still underway.

It was suggested that Council should provide a shelter, say a marquee, at Alma Bay Park for Anzac Day celebrations considering the weather disaster at this year’s Dawn Service. The Council has to do it because it is illegal to put spikes into the ground there. There was some support for a permanent shelter but the meeting agreed that MIRRA would submit to the Council the marquee proposal.

The RSL reported that all money made by the club goes to welfare work with veterans and their families. Several members offered their services.

The first meeting of the Transport Working Group was to be held the next day and it was agreed that the MIRRA rep would suggest they explore the possibility of electric buses for the island as they are in use on the Gold Coast and in Cairns.

Cameron Turnbull reported on the completion of the walking track from the Forts to Florence Bay, more than 1100 steep steps. He also reported that the road had been fixed to Florence Bay to enable the track to be completed, but it is still closed off to the public. A question for Cr Greaney.

There was a suggestion that the other walking trails should be reviewed as she felt that they were labelled incorrectly with the degree of difficulty. However it was pointed out that the council had put up the detailed plan for all Magnetic Island walking trails on their Have Your Say site on the TCC website and all members were urged to read it and offer their views.

Council’s Infrastructure Manager, Claudia Brassard, will attend the next meeting. She will be asked to talk about the resurfacing of the Horseshoe Bay Road, and the disaster that is the Apjohn St drainage. Residents reported that the drainage canal in Corica Cr is blocked with sand and so water is just lying around breeding mosquitoes, algae is growing in the new drainage canal, and the fence around the detention basin is a foot off the ground which is dangerous. The resurfacing of the road on the Picnic Bay hill, despite two attempts, is now worse than before.

One member asked for a copy of the specifications for the Horseshoe Bay resurfacing, saying that the entire main road on the eastern side of the island needed to be rebuilt. He estimated the cost at $150 million.

Another suggestion was that the island should secede from the Townsville City Council altogether and be funded by State and Commonwealth governments.

Cameron Turnbull reported that, unbeknownst to residents, Magnetic Island had been declared a World Heritage island in 2010. While this imposes some restraints, it is also an opportunity for Commonwealth funding for big ticket items like fixing our sewerage problems.

It was reported that a drainage officer had inspected the Picnic Bay creek six months ago regarding the terrible stench, but nothing further had happened.

The Council budget will come down before the next MIRRA meeting, so we expect Cr Greaney and Claudia Brassard will have answers to these questions, including any rate rises due to the increased valuations.

Next meeting July 2

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