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M.I.R.R.A Report December

Fifty people attended the meeting, many of them members of other island organisations, obviously keen for a public forum to express their views.

The Treasurer asked for the meeting’s support for the traditional $100 cheque for the best all round student at the MISS and this was passed unanimously, along with a donation to the RSL in recognition of their generosity in donating the hall for the meetings.

Jo Peterson and Nathan Winn from the QNPWS and Jonathan Hughes from the Townsville City Council delivered a lengthy presentation on the $5 million worth of works they were doing on the walking trails on the island.

This involves rebuilding the trails where necessary and organising them into connected hubs, along with extensive signage to direct residents and visitors around the island as proposed by MIRRA.

When asked about mountain bike trails, Jo Peterson said that these were very different to walking trails and were not being considered at this time.

Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney took the floor and first discussed the school pool imbroglio which is still not open to the public.

She was asked why the Council had discontinued the funding of $25,000 a year intended to keep the pool open, but she said she didn’t know.

When asked what had happened to the promise made to MIRRA by the Mayor and MLA Scott Stewart that they would fix the problem, she said she would follow up.

She said the pool needed a new model of operation and she would discuss this with Scott Stewart on Thursday.

Les Sampson of MICDA proposed that a community group could lease the pool with a community support grant from the Council and Cr Greaney said she would support a grant application.

On the vexed matter of the public toilets at Picnic Bay, Cr Greaney said the construction of new toilets was in the capital expenditure budget for next year. She reported that sediment control in the Nelly Bay Harbour would begin next week, and the resurfacing of the Arcadia/Horseshoe Bay road would begin next year.

Cr Greaney said she had inspected the disintegrating boat ramp on Geoffrey Bay and agreed it could not be repaired. Adam King from the Council will check it out next week.

The drainage work at Apjohn Street is progressing slowly but as yet there is no finish date.

On the matter of bus stops and route changes, the action group reported that they were still waiting for Translink to give them a date for meeting with them for community consultation.

It was suggested that constructing a roundabout at the junction of Marine Parade and Armand Way would solve the problem of the buses doing a u-turn and the route could stay the same. Cr Greaney said she would include this suggestion in the Traffic Management Plan.

Cr Greaney was asked what was being done about the dangerous bridge next to the camp at Picnic Bay and Cr Greaney said she would include the work in her budget for next year.

Problems with noise in Kelly Street due to the road surface were brought up and Cr Greaney said she would find out.

She also said she was concerned about illegal camping but expected the appointment of a compliance officer would alleviate the problem.

The meeting rejected any proposal for more regulated parking.

The problems with the electric hire scooters was discussed and it was reported that police were cracking down on illegal usage. It was pointed out that they were only a trial at present so maybe they would not continue.

President Cameron Turnbull wished all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, reminding those present that the next meeting would not be until February 5, and the meeting repaired to the bar for sandwiches and beer.

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