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MEDIA RELEASE Mayor Troy Thompson


The Minister has remained conspicuously silent regarding this rogue Council’s unlawful actions.

I pose the question: Would the Department tolerate such behaviour across all of Queensland, or is it only in Townsville that democracy seems to hold no sway?

Premier Steven Miles’ recent media comments appear desperate, as he attempts to maintain relevance. Unfortunately, these comments seem to endorse the erosion of democratic rights for Townsville residents. By calling for the democratically elected Mayor’s resignation based on personal preferences, the Premier undermines the very essence of our system.

The Councillors have overstepped their bounds, wielding power akin to the Minister’s authority under the Act. This should concern anyone who values our democratic processes.

Council Resolutions:

• On June 5, 2024, ten Councillors devised rules to strip responsibilities from the democratically elected Mayor, effectively and unlawfully seizing control of the Council.

• Resolution #3 during that meeting read: “That Council resolves to remove the Mayor, Councillor Troy Thompson from the office of the Chairperson.”

• Resolution #4.4 stipulated that the Mayor must notify Councillors when meeting with any members of the operational arm of the Council.

• These rules undermine the voice of Townsville residents and violate established legal principles by bypassing the Act.

In-House Legal and the Acting CEO should recognise the invalidity of these resolutions.

Only the Minister possesses the authority to suspend, remove, or dissolve a Councillor or an entire Local Government. Yet, the Premier, the Minister, and Councillors have all called for the Mayor’s resignation without lawful grounds.

By voting to strip the Mayor of responsibilities, the Councillors have granted themselves powers equivalent to the State Minister. I implore the Minister to rectify this situation promptly, preventing other Councils from following suit unlawfully.

Questions linger about the validity of any decisions made by the Council since the passage of these unsound resolutions.

Moving forward, the Mayor was quick to identify the invalid Council actions, the Minister has been slow to react:

• I have twice requested the Minister to remove the unsound Council resolutions using her powers under Section 121 of the Local Government Act. Unfortunately, there has been no response.

• I’ve also asked the Department to reinstate the democratically elected Mayor’s duties as outlined in Section 12 of the Local Government Act.

• Formally, I’ve lodged a complaint with the OIA regarding the Councillors’ unauthorised actions. Despite being informed of the invalidity of their resolutions, they continue to operate under unlawful rules.

• I urge the media to investigate how these ten Councillors circumvented the Local Government Act, diminishing the Mayor’s powers and removing him from all duties.

• Additionally, the media should scrutinise the Acting CEO’s role in this abuse of power.

Does the Minister endorse Councillors creating rules to strip Mayors of their legislative responsibilities?

I call on the Minister and the Department to act swiftly, ensuring the democratically elected Mayor can fulfil his duties. It’s time for the Minister to warn the Councillors about their unlawful actions and ensure the Acting CEO stops hindering the Mayor’s role.

“I am fully prepared and committed to carrying out my responsibilities under the Act. My mind is clear, and I am determined to follow through on what the Townsville residents elected me to do: combat corruption within Local Government. Unfortunately, it’s disheartening to see support for such unlawful actions extending all the way to the Premier’s office.”

“It is clear that under the current circumstances, the Councillors have acted unlawfully in creating rules inconsistent with the Act. They know what they have done, and they are continuing to stand by the unlawful resolutions, to the detriment of the voters. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that Councillors have acted unlawfully here.”

Thank you, Townsville, for your continued support. Together, we’ll navigate these challenges and ensure a brighter future for our city. Democracy belongs to all of us.

Mayor Troy Thompson

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Jun 19

Does this mean, the current Councilor's and Co -conspirators, guilty or not, are more or equally as guilty of inappropriate behaviour, than the accused????? What a joke!

Is this the very example of the age old adage of the Kettle calling the Pot very naughty and dirty?

Should we ask for a re-election to simplify the clearing of the murky waters?

Mike Schmidt.


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