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Pictured above: Beautiful Radical Bay.

In a shock move the Lands Department is planning to announce the closure of the Radical Bay Road with locked gates to prevent any vehicular access.

Only those fit enough to walk around the cavernous potholes, or rich enough to own a boat, will be able to access Arthur, Florence and Radical Bays.

According to a Lands Department spokesperson, the Townsville City Council has been privy to secret negotiations to achieve this closure in direct contradiction to Mayor Jenny Hill’s promise in May to the Magnetic Island Residents and Ratepayers Association meeting that the Council would consider fixing the road as far as Florence Bay and creating a carpark there.

When asked why there had been no consultation with the community about this drastic step, the spokesperson said it was a matter of safety and far too important to let the community have any input.

The Magnetic Island Residents and Ratepayers Association objects strongly to this restriction on our use of the island’s best beaches and urges everyone who cares about our freedoms to contact both Scott Stewart, our local member, and Mayor Jenny Hill to make their feelings known.

MIRRA plans a protest soon in the strongest possible and legal ways to have this decision overturned.

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