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Magnetic Museum’s 2024 Calendar


As a landmass surrounded by water Magnetic Island has always been inextricably connected to its marine environment. Early settlers and visitors from Townsville mostly used their own boats to get to the Island but soon the Butler family offered their Hephzibah to carry passengers and Robert Hayles began his transport service with the Bee brought from Sydney.

Under Weigh is Magnetic Museum’s 2024 calendar and provides an insight into some of the commercially owned vessels that provided transport services in the waters around Magnetic Island. The calendar provides factual information about a selection of vessels with an historical vision of change and growth. Hopefully and most importantly this calendar will rouse some nostalgia for times enjoyed but gone forever.

The calendar is a limited edition of 175 copies only. To order a copy you can contact Magnetic Museum ( or President Zanita Davies by email ( or phone (0488050145). Calendars are $30 each including postage within Australia and payment will secure copies. Calendars will be ready for distribution mid-November.

Magnetic Museum thanks supporters of this annual fundraiser and always welcomes new subscribers.

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