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Magnetic Island residents urged to prepare for cyclone season

Magnetic Island residents are being reminded to finalise their cyclone preparations coming into cyclone season from November to April.

Council has a commitment to educating and preparing residents for natural disasters and cyclones and Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill stressed the importance of being properly prepared and having a suitable emergency kit.

“An emergency kit should be a staple in any Magnetic island home over the coming months,” Mayor Hill said.

“We would really like to urge residents to be prepared for the monsoon season ahead and this includes making sure that there is an adequate and fully stocked emergency kit in the home.

“Residents should consider what they may need to survive in the case of any flooding or cyclone and this will vary depending on the circumstances of each family.”

Residents may be forced to evacuate their homes during a cyclone so it’s also very important to know your evacuation zone.

Council’s online Disaster Ready Dashboard, which can be visited here, is full of useful information surrounding evacuation zones, emergency news, weather warnings, road conditions and power outages.

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