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Magnetic Island Residents and Ratepayers Association Meeting May 1, 2021 UPDATE

Updated: May 4, 2021

With both Mayor Jenny Hill, Councillor Ann-Maree Greaney and Council Engineer Claudia Brassard in attendance, the meeting was packed with information.

We learned that the rebuilding (not just resurfacing) of the Arcadia/Horseshoe Bay Road from Armand Way to the beachfront would begin in the next financial year – funded $7 million by the State Government and $2 million by the Council. Mayor Hill said there would be disruptions and asked people to be patient.

Ms Brassard also said that the replacement tennis/multi-purpose court would be built in July and would include lighting for night use.

The Radical Bay Road was discussed at length and both Mayor Hill and Cr Greaney agreed that if the resort development did not go ahead and the permit to occupy the road lapsed, then Council would be prepared to consider a compromise of fixing the road as far as Florence Bay.

If the resort is not going ahead at this time, Mayor Hill said there was an option of connecting Arcadia to the Horseshoe Bay sewage plant, freeing up space at the Picnic Bay plant to remedy sewage leaking problems at Picnic Bay.

The need for a compliance officer/dog catcher was discussed and Mayor Hill said the Council was having difficulty finding the right person for the job.

Vice President Ewe Cheng Khoo delivered a Powerpoint presentation on the history of MIRRA and its achievements over the past two decades and most of those present were suprised at the breadth and number of those achievements.

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