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Magnetic Island ranked 37 of the 100 most loved destinations around the world

Pictured above: Picnic Bay Jetty. Photo TEL

Tourism Sentiment Index has released the 2023 edition of Leading Placing: The 100 Most Loved Destinations Around the World, and Magnetic Island is 37 in the rankings.

Destinations around the world have been ranked to uncover those that are the most loved.

Townsville Enterprise Director of Visitor Economy and Marketing, Lisa Woolfe said these leading places are the 100 most loved destinations according to consumer sentiment – what people really feel.

“Being named in the rankings means Magnetic Island has offered positive experiences and instilled the kind of happiness that visitors must talk about, leading to an impressive Tourism Sentiment Score,” Mrs Woolfe said.

“Magnetic Island is a World Heritage Listed, Great Barrier Reef Island that is the jewel in our tourism crown. It’s natural beauty and thriving island community is what makes it so special and it's wonderful that our visitors recognise this.”

“Our island-based tourism operators have gone from strength to strength. We’ve seen new products such as the Magnetic Island Beach Club, we know Aquascene is making plans to expand their offering, and of course Selina’s recent purchase and current renovations will bring a new edge to the Koala Village. Not to mention the Island is the home of our very own Netflix Star Izzy Bee and her family’s work with the Koala Hospital and the recent launch of CHARM - a coral farming robot demonstrates the island’s connection to marine science and conservation.”

Tourism Sentiment Index conducted an intensive study of its data – more than 1.6 billion online conversations and content pieces publicly available about 21,330 global destinations – to identify the 100 Most Loved Destinations.

To see Magnetic Island and the other 99 Most Loved Destinations, go to

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