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Magnetic Island Nature Care Update

Yesterday about 30 interested locals and visitors joined us at Claude's Block for MINCA's Open Day. It was fantastic to hear that MINCA has now passed the half way mark with $215,000.00 towards the $400,000.00 required to buy Claude's Block.

It was also wonderful to witness the regeneration occurring on the block and particularly how beneficial this will be for koalas if MINCA is successful. The block is close to the densest populations of koalas on Magnetic Island and with plans (if successful) to plant more blue gums especially, the Island's koalas will have an excellent and safe haven to feast on the their favourite trees growing in the deepest, richest lowland soils the Island can offer.

With just 11 days before our deadline, our fundraising is going well but it's still a big ask. So if you or friends who want to do something wonderful for nature and really help our Island koalas too, please let them know that donations to MINCA attract tax deductibility as we are listed on the Commonwealth's Register of Environmental Organisations.

For lots more about our efforts to purchase Claude's Block:

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