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Magnetic Island Masterplan Stage 2 consultation open

Townsville Enterprise is calling for registrations for Stage 2 of the Magnetic Island Tourism Masterplan consultation program. The sessions will be held on Magnetic Island on 28 and 29 May, and online on 30 May.

The Stage 2 sessions will be used to develop the strategic direction that will shape the initial draft of the masterplan, based on the findings from the first phase of consultation done in March of this year.

Townsville Enterprise CEO Claudia Brumme-Smith said that feedback collected from the Island’s residents and tourism industry during Stage 1 and now Stage 2 was critical to the success of the process.

“Aside from the stunning physical beauty of the Island, Maggie’s major strength is the community that lives there. Any future planning for the Island is going to be shaped by the community’s values and attitudes if we want it to be authentic and sustainable in the long run.

“The strong message from both the local community and the tourism industry in Stage 1 was that Magnetic Island is unique, it needs investment in products and experiences, and it also needs infrastructure investment to develop a competitive and sustainable tourism industry.

“Maggie is the jewel in our tourism crown, and this master planning process will ensure that the community is involved at every stage as we develop a sustainable and rewarding tourism industry out to 2030 and beyond.

“Magnetic Island is unique and authentic compared to some of the other resort islands in the Great Barrier Reef. Post-covid, tourists are looking for an experience that is more authentic and involves travelling for good and connecting with the community they visit during their holidays.

“This new trend can be a huge enabler for Magnetic Island if we get the master planning right and that’s why it is important to hear from the Maggie Community and combine that with what our tourists want to experience when coming to North Queensland.”

To register interest, find out more about the project or sign up for project updates, visit

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