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M.I.N.T Receives Grant For Mobile Medical Facility

Through the support of the Magnetic Island Community Development Association (MICDA), Magnetic Island Network for Turtles (MINT) was successful in obtaining a grant of $60,584 from the Queensland Government Community Gambling Fund.

The grant will be used to construct a mobile medical facility on a trailer (a turtle tiny home) that will be used for treating sick and injured sea turtles and training vet students in turtle care. Currently turtles are treated outdoors on a folding table at the Horseshoe Bay Turtle Clinic.

MINT co- ordinator Paul Groves told the MCN "Although the facility will be designed primarily for turtles, the plan is for it to also be made available to other wildlife groups for the treatment of sick and injured wildlife and can be redeployed in an emergency to other areas where such a facility may be required."

Paul went on to say "MINT representatives will be in contact soon with MIFCO, the Koala hospital and the Wallaby refuge for their input into the mobile facility’s fit out."

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