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Looking Back Magnetic Island State School 75th Jubilee

Pictured above the front cover of the the jubilee booklet. Pictured are Alex Ryan ( with frog) , Louise Hellum, Ellie- Grace Cox, Louise Ryan, Pepe Mara, Dylan Almberg, Nahir Vasconcelos, Jason Combridge and Remy Collier.

In August this year the Magnetic Island State School will celebrate it’s centenary, over the coming weeks the MCN will look at back  the 75th MI State School Jubilee booklet which was published to commemorate the occasion.

The book was written by Lyn Sanderson and Charlie McColl for the Magnetic Island State School P&C Jubilee committee.

Graphic design and digital art work Gavin Ryan.

We will also look back at the centenary of the Picnic Bay School which was the first state school on the island and their centenary booklet - 'no shoes, no underpants'.

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