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Locals reminded to show bushfire awareness

Locals are being reminded to be aware of bushfires and how best to prepare their homes.

Fire season in Queensland begins in July and runs through until October, but can extend through to February, so it’s vitally important to have your property properly prepared.

Chair of the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group, Mayor Jenny Hill, encouraged all residents to be vigilant around their homes.

“A well-prepared home is easier to defend and reduces the risk to surrounding properties,” Mayor Hill said.

“This includes clearing gutters and roofs of leaves, twigs, bark, and other debris and removing flammable items like woodpiles, mulch, and boxes away from your home.

“It’s also important that all of our residents are aware of the new Australian Fire Danger Rating System (AFDRS) and adhere to any evacuation notices.”

Council’s online Emergency Management & Disaster Dashboard, which can be visited here, is full of useful information on: fire incidents, storm tide evacuation zones, emergency news, evacuation routes, weather warnings, road conditions and power outages.

For information on what to have in your emergency kit click on Council’s emergency kit checklist page here.

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