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Pictured above: Magnetic Island - Google Maps

Hello all,

   To me…… World Heritage …..      simple understandings. 16/02/2024

Magnetic Island is within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Marine Park Area. A diamond in a glass of muddy water doesn’t make that diamond mud.

The World Heritage Marine Park extends to mean low water about Magnetic Island.                  The Queensland State Marine Park starts from Mean low water heading to High water . 

  Then there is freehold.

   Then there is 78% National Park that contains manmade stuff….. heaven forbid!  

                         Magnetic Island is neither a World Heritage or National Park or Freehold Island. It is simply an Australian Island in Queensland waters, with Freehold land surrounded by Queensland National Parks and Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Marine Park in the surrounding sea.

   A freehold block of land abutting National Parks doesn’t make that land National Park!

Essentially… no Freehold abuts the GBRWHM Park because of the Queensland Marine Park beachhead zone.

   To call Magnetic Island, World Heritage is ludicrous and a childlike play at dallying with words, playing pretend.

  We do not live in the National Park, Qld Marine Park or the WHGBRM Park in the sea.

    The World Heritage wannabe issues that are beautifully illustrated in the recent extra-ordinary glossy production, are mostly, if not all, already catered for by the Magnetic Island National Parks and their volunteers and the GBRWHM Park, governed by The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Again… we do not live in the water or in the hills. Neither is the Magnetic Island National Park called the Magnetic Island World Heritage National Park.

(You watch ….. I might have just given them an idea) Look out Palm and Hamilton Islands.

   Recently I made an enquiry to GBRMP Authority about any compliancy concerns in regard to taking 11% of Geoffrey Bay acidic fresh storm water and adding that 11% acidic fresh storm water to Alma Bay, changing the overall effectors to the two Bays individual environments, where the Authority essentially had no concern.

 There lays the precedent and truth about the actual intensity of concern to the realities of life on freehold surrounded by National and Marine Parks, by the governing authorities.

Man kind exists within the surrounding parks and is acknowledged and understood.

   Planet Earth resides in the chaotic purity (or impurity)of the Universe which is acknowledged and understood. Should we all step off?

     The Townsville City Council has through Townsville Enterprise and Magnetic Island Community Development assoc.,  and Magnetic Island Nature Care, are promoting a notion of the Magnetic Island community wanting to live a puritanical Idealistic World’s Best Practice Eco-Sustainable Tourism hub manner to the will of the idealist as they go along thru life wearing Rose Coloured glasses, infecting their wishes as they develop cumulatively.

 It has been written … so it is fact…… but not true!

WHY is the TCC suddenly supporting the recently forever scorned minority Greenies of Magnetic Island.

  We, the community are now the involuntary slave puppets, to the minority idealistic puppets who are self-appointed hero slaves themselves to the Masters of the economy designing the whole background game play/plot in not so environmental air conditioning, gleefully wringing their successfully manipulative hands with Albert Steptoe greedy bargain eyes, reaping the profit right under our puppet eyes, blaming Global Warming and World Heritage.

  A loveless puritanical idealistic scenario with no pets or old people ……. Cause too much Environmental shit they do!!! Close the beaches …. Stop the footprints.

  Lies built on lies and caused by lies are not truth in any manner.


         Mike Schmidt

                                                                                                                                                                 MAGNETIC ISLAND


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LTTE: Points to Magnetic Island National Park name. Hello all, In 1998 I put my hand up as Chairman of the Native Title subcommittee of Magnetic Island Ratepayers Association to understand and see the


Feb 16

What's to lose? We get frickin inundated with Taylor Swift fans and scientific groupies. We are under zero obligation to "present" such wonders. When we have grown here, our parents and children grown here. It is our obligation to care-take.  Do not ask for all the visitors and then want zero waste.


Feb 16

Mike, after reading your letter I understand now why you find the GBR World Heritage Area so confusing. The GBR Marine Park was established by legislation in 1975. The Marine Park is, with a few exclusions (eg. the port access channel and surrounds in Cleveland Bay), all the underwater reefs and watery areas between Low Water on the Queensland coast and islands, and a line drawn along the continental shelf. None of the islands are part of or included in the GBR Marine Park, only the waters surrounding them.

In 1981, by completely separate legislation, the GBR World Heritage Area was established. Note carefully the name please: it is NOT the GBR World Heritage MARINE PARK Area as you insist…

Debra Denison
Debra Denison
Feb 16
Replying to


What's to lose? Are you joking? It's called credibility.

Magnetic Island as an island is not listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Property in its own right.

You, MINCA & MICDA can talk it up as much as you like, but imposing your views and restrictions ( Our Heritage Values) on the rest of the Magnetic Island population and its visitors is wrong.

You people need get over your own self proclaimed importance - because guys you have become an embarrassment.

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