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It has dawned on me that ERGON not only supply the electricity to us stress free, out-of-mind, peace-of-mind with 24/7/365 backup, but they are also the “Battery” to our excess solar production, already.

Talk about efficiencies……. Picture the excess household solar production, already pumping into the whole of Statewide ERGON energy system, ticking all the boxes of efficiency, economy, viability and environment. We are already doing it and cost free.

We get paid to export our power, which may or may not balance our solar investment.

We are already playing a major role in reducing raw fuel consumption.

ERGON professionals look after the pulsing statewide energy balloon, pumping extra pressure into the balloon as necessary or not, depending on the solar production thru the day. Picture electricity as water being pumped into a pressure tank if you will, or air into a pressure vessel…… how much you pump in depends on the amount withdrawn. The pressure that the individual household pumps into the system, is then reducing the amount ERGON must pump into the system……….. there is the saving Statewide …..there is the Battery Statewide,….. there it is Australia wide because what ERGON don’t have to buy from the National Grid means less National Grid consumption of raw fuels.

The lesser raw fuel consumption nationally is the national battery.

All we, as energy conscious individuals, need to do, is maintain and improve our existing solar systems (according to our individual wishes) to pump our excess into the National Grid, which is already happening, pure, reliable, efficient, cheap, globally environmentally conscious, 24/7/365 resilient and backed by a bucket load of professionals at every precinct.

The system already exists in its time-tested purity……. The no cost “Ghost Battery” is the raw fuel power saving at the National production level.

Expansion of production on our rooftops as solar proficiency is improved, is our individual global saving effort.

No raw material and environmentally costly individual battery banks needed…….

The Australia Wide battery system already exists.


Michael Schmidt.


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