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Letter to the editor

Pictured above: Cardwell Pump Track.

Community playgrounds offer a multitude of benefits that go far beyond aesthetics and giving kids something fun to do. They are the heart of a community and an indispensable gathering space that can benefit everyone.

Community playgrounds provide children the opportunity to practice and hone key skills including social, emotional, cognitive and physical.

So this is why it’s so important for our community and our children to get these playgrounds Safe and fun for our kids.

I can’t believe how many years Picnic Bay playground has been out of action for years sitting there rotting!!! What an absolute disgrace!!!

Nelly Bay.....the playground is designed all wrong the park is unsafe for little one it’s needs to be fully fenced to make it safe from the road and the beach.

Alma Bay needs a huge facelift a bigger and better playground especially that the lifesaving club is there and the crowds that flock to Alma Bay in the weekends and Holidays with small children. Once again a new design with a safety fence all the way around it.

Why can’t we even think about a Pump Track at The sports and Rec club land this would be fantastic for all age kids. Even adults especially those who love bike riding.

And Horseshoe may be a problem due to the impact of the foreshore.

I would like to get a petition going to get signatures so we can push council to improve our playgrounds on Magnetic island

Your thoughts friends.

Naomi McCormick

Horseshoe Bay

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1 Comment

Feb 24, 2023

No Fences please Naomi. Mike Schmidt

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