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Koala Hospital receives much needed funding

Pictured above: Eddie the koala who is currently in care. Photo Courtesy MI Koala Hospital

The Magnetic Island Koala Hospital Ltd has received funding to expand their services in caring for our native wildlife.

The hospital is currently operating from the Bee’s family residence in Horseshoe Bay.

Many would have seen the very successful Netflix series Izzy’s Koala World, Izzy is Alison and Tim’s daughter.

The whole family has dedicated most lives to caring for sick & injured koalas here on Magnetic Island.

Dr. Alison Bee told the MCN “We have been fortunate to receive $35,000 a Community Gambling grant from the Queensland Government along with a WIRES grant of $20,000, which will allow us to acquire a digital Xray machine.”

Dr. Bee went on to say “ Our next step it to build a Koala Hospital to house it , but that’s going take a lot more grant money.”

Currently there is no dedicated Koala and Native Wildlife Hospital north of Australia Zoo so the facility is much needed for our area.

Debbie Denison

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