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Koala Hospital in Horseshoe Bay?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Pictured above the proposed site plan of koala hospital.

Rumours abound the proposed site for the MI Koala Hospital here on the island.

Magnetic Island has always been a hot spot for rumours, local residents claim both the Mayor and Cr. Greaney have ben seen recently at the location.

The MCN contacted Dr. Alison Bee from the Magnetic Island Koala Hospital for comment, but at this stage we have not received a reply.

Councillor Ann Maree Greaney told the MCN no formal plans for the proposed Koala Hospital have been lodged with TCC.

Proposed layout plan.

The MCN is aware some residents in the area are not happy with the Horseshoe Bay Sports Park shown as the location for the hospital. A letter box drop has circulated in the residential area in close proximity to the park.

The MCN has been contacted by main stream media who maybe able shed some more light on this developing story?

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LTTE: Points to Magnetic Island National Park name. Hello all, In 1998 I put my hand up as Chairman of the Native Title subcommittee of Magnetic Island Ratepayers Association to understand and see the


Aug 30, 2023

The Koala HOSPITAL does Not need a Cafe, Gift Shop, Theatrette, Activites space or an Interpretive Gallery. It is a Hospital for sick and injured Koalas to heal and recover WITHOUT the Noise aggravation, movement of tourists. it is Not a Tourist hub. Remove those unnecessary buildings OFF the plan and perhaps that location for the Specific Purpose of Native Animal Veterinary Care ONLY might be acceptable to locals.


Debra Denison
Debra Denison
Aug 28, 2023

The MCN fully supports a Koala Hospital on Magnetic Island, however we do believe the Horseshoe Bay Sports Park is not the right location. Horseshoe Bay will in the future have the largest population of all the bays on the island, every piece of public open space should be made available for sports and recreational purposes, for the people. There are other locations on the island where TCC land could be made available; the former green waste site in Picnic Bay for example. Lot 2 next door to the water treatment plant in Picnic Bay. Also what about Claude's Block? Interested to hear your thoughts


Aug 28, 2023

I held the position of Officer in Charge of the Magnetic Island Police Station and I held the position of President of the Magnetic Island Sport & Recreation when the Council handed of the area in question (which was overgrown with trees and shrubs) to the Club to provide sporting and recreational facilities for the residents and visitors to the Island. The park and a concrete cricket which was cleared by Mr HAMILTON and the concrete donation by the local Cement works owner (Mr SMANIOTTO. The Club played Touch Football and cricket against teams from Townsville, Ingham and Charters Towers. This was three weekends out of four. Having been involved in the Magnetic Island Sports & Recreation Club, (which…

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