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Koala Hospital in Horseshoe Bay?

Updated: Aug 28

Pictured above the proposed site plan of koala hospital.

Rumours abound the proposed site for the MI Koala Hospital here on the island.

Magnetic Island has always been a hot spot for rumours, local residents claim both the Mayor and Cr. Greaney have ben seen recently at the location.

The MCN contacted Dr. Alison Bee from the Magnetic Island Koala Hospital for comment, but at this stage we have not received a reply.

Councillor Ann Maree Greaney told the MCN no formal plans for the proposed Koala Hospital have been lodged with TCC.

Proposed layout plan.

The MCN is aware some residents in the area are not happy with the Horseshoe Bay Sports Park shown as the location for the hospital. A letter box drop has circulated in the residential area in close proximity to the park.

The MCN has been contacted by main stream media who maybe able shed some more light on this developing story?

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