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Is your pool fence code compliant?

Having a compliant pool fence is the easiest way to keep your family and friends safe as the mercury rises in Townsville.

Townsville City Council conducts checks on pool fences to make sure they are compliant with the Queensland Development Code.

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said a fence that was code compliant was the most valuable thing someone with a pool could have.

“Compliant pool fences can save lives. They can be the difference between a child drowning or a child enjoying their backyard safely. Their importance can’t be taken for granted,” Cr Soars said.

“For your pool fence to be complaint with the Queensland Development Code, it must be at least 1.2m from the bottom to the top, the gate needs to be self-closing and latching, and fixed security screens should be on windows that open into the pool enclosure.

“You must also trim any branches that a child could use to climb over the fence and remove any climbable objects that are within 90cm of the fence to prevent children accessing the pool area without adult supervision.

“There is a full pool compliance checklist available on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s website that gives you a thorough rundown on everything that is required to ensure your pool fence is compliant.”

Cr Soars said the pool owner or resident is responsible for ensuring the pool fence is compliant.

“If you are renting a property you must make sure that the fence around that pool is compliant, otherwise you run the risk of getting an on-the-spot fine,” he said.

“There are also rules for inflatable pools and spas, which need to be fenced if they’re deeper than 30cm. It is important to remember this heading into the summer months or when purchasing inflatable pools for children.

“These rules are in place to help keep everyone in the community safe, particularly young children. We want to limit the chance of any tragic accidents around water in Townsville this summer, so do your part and make sure your pool fence is code compliant.”

To learn more about pool fencing requirements, head to Council’s website.

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