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Important Back To School Measures

New measures will be implemented across Queensland to help students, teachers and staff return safely to schools on 7 February.

Masks will continue to be required for all staff and students at high schools – and highly encouraged for primary school students in Year 3 and above – when classes resume.

Rapid antigen tests will also be available to students and staff who develop symptoms at school, while those who develop symptoms at home will have priority access to rapid antigen tests at Queensland Health clinics.

Key features of the Back to School plan include:

Mask wearing for all high school students and staff in line with the existing mandate

Masks available and strongly encouraged for primary school students in Year 3 and above

A range of ventilation measures including air purifiers as required

Temporary measures for the first four weeks of term include:

Rapid antigen tests available in school for students and staff who develop symptoms while on site

Priority access to rapid antigen tests for students and staff at Queensland Health clinics

Rapid antigen tests provided to staff entering remote communities

Suspension of school camps, excursions, assemblies, and large gatherings

Limiting of visitors on school sites, with exceptions for parents and carers of children with vulnerabilities, and all students attending Early Childhood Development Programs, Kindergarten, Prep or Year 1

Staggered drop off times and special drop off zones

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