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Help make mosquitoes buzz off this summer

Mosquitoes can be a significant nuisance as well as carriers for many disease-causing viruses, and recent rainfall has increased the number of breeding grounds across Townsville.

This includes potential breeding sites in suburban homes and backyards and Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said all residents should be doing regular checks around their home to prevent mosquito breeding.

“We can all help with this part by regularly flushing out stagnant water in containers, pet bowls, old tyres, bird baths and flowerpots,” Cr Soars said.

“Reducing breeding grounds for mosquitoes is one of the most effective ways to limit mosquitoes in Townsville.

“Mosquitoes in Townsville can carry and transmit diseases like Ross River Fever, Barmah Forest Virus and Dengue Fever, all of which have serious health implications.”

Cr Soars said there were several steps everyone can take to reduce their chances of being bitten and potentially contracting a mosquito-borne disease.

“Using personal protections like wearing insect repellents, wearing long-sleeved loose-fitting clothing, avoiding the outdoors at dawn and dusk, and using mosquito coils around the house can all help keep you and your family safe from mosquitos,” Cr Soars said.

“There could also be mosquitoes inside the home so you can avoid them by using surface spray insecticide in dark areas around your house. This should be done monthly to keep mosquitoes at bay.

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to do their part to stop the breeding of mosquitoes around the home.”

Cr Soars said Council regularly conducts proactive mosquito management activities across the city, including after any significant rainfall.

“Our dedicated crews are out and about monitoring and treating known breeding sites daily,” he said.

“However our staff are only able to treat breeding sites on public land and aren’t able to enter private property, so we’re looking for residents to do some mosquito prevention in their own backyards.”

For more information on controlling mosquitos at home, visit Council’s mosquitoes web page.

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