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Have your say on proposed Magnetic Island art installation

Pictured above: The Smarteez installation was previously at Riverway (pictured) however Council is looking to relocate it to Picnic Bay.

Townsville City Council wants to hear your thoughts about bringing a world-class art installation to Picnic Bay.

Council has identified Picnic Bay as an ideal location for the Smarteez art installation, giving visitors another reason to visit one of Magnetic Island’s most popular villages.

Smarteez was created by L.M. Noonan and Hew Chee Fong and was featured at Riverway Lagoon in 2005.

Mayor Jenny Hill said the addition of the sculpture at Picnic Bay would be a boost for tourism.

“Council is committed to supporting tourism on Magnetic Island and activating public spaces across the city, which is why our team has homed in on Picnic Bay as an ideal location for this unique artwork,” Cr Hill said.

Smarteez is made of seven spheres of polished Australian granite and it invites interaction from children and members of the public, making it a great addition to the highly-frequented Picnic Bay esplanade.

“We want to know what residents of Magnetic Island and visitors to the area think about the proposed public artwork site, which is why Council is asking for community feedback via the Have Your Say Townsville webpage.

“To let us know what you think just complete the short survey and before March 25.”

To provide your feedback about the proposed location, head to March 25.

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Mar 11, 2022

Maybe consider revamping the Picnic Bay Mall instead of wasting tax dollars on some rocks. We have mountains of rocks here, but our infrastructure is old and dilapidated in many areas.

The walkway from XBase up to the top where the new path works were carried out is rusted through in more places than I can possibly list here.

Go have a look at it and you'll see bolts and footings rusted through.

Let's not forget the disgraceful roads over here.

Parking at the ferry area is also a major issue.

Open your eyes and start spending money on things that make a real difference to both residents and tourists alike.

Paul - Nelly Bay


Felix Kiwit
Felix Kiwit
Feb 24, 2022

Un-necessary and unwanted, plenty of landscapers on the island that could do a better job. Let alone an abundance of local artists. but yeah, nar, whatever, lets just dump some rocks on an island that's predominantly granite boulders. Seems like a legitimate use of tax payer dollars.

felix kiwit, west point.


Feb 24, 2022

Like selling ice to the Eskimos,

Sure… they look nice in their right setting, but we already have Mountain loads of the World Heritage protected Natural Salt Tide versions, complete with slime, oysters and snails.

Would they come complete with MICDA/MINCA approved maintenance free eco-sustainable chlorinated filtered fresh water?

Can’t be all that good if the TCC want to unload them over here!

Aaaaahhhh! Such is life! A laugh a moment if you look. Mike Schmidt, Nelly Bay.

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