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Greetings from Magnetic Island Celebrating Island Souvenirs

Pictured above: Souvenirs on display Greetings from Magnetic Island

The 2022 exhibition by Magnetic Museum was officially opened at the Centre on Saturday 2 April.

‘Greetings from Magnetic Island’ is a far-reaching exposé of the types of souvenirs made, collected or purchased by visitors to Magnetic Island as reminders of their time there. The exhibition primarily displays artefacts held in the Magnetic Museum collection although some items are on loan from supporters.

Zanita Davies, President of Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre and Magnetic Museum welcomed those present at the opening and introduced the exhibition by likening the museum’s main activities, to collecting ‘souvenirs’ of Magnetic Island – gathering artefacts that recall people, places and events.

Guest speaker on the day was Nick Shailer, local historian and collector and an active member of Townsville Museum. His talk included references to the availability of scenic china souvenirs of the Townsville region, including Magnetic Island. He spoke of the ‘small and easily transportable’ postcard souvenir of the early 1900s and brought his personal album of Island cards for viewing by those present at the opening.

The exhibition is open for viewing everyday from 10am to 2pm except Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the Centre is closed.

‘Greetings from Magnetic Island’ is a must visit and if anyone wishes to ‘take a souvenir home’ there is the opportunity to buy souvenir spoons and shell creatures as a fundraiser to support Magnetic Museum’s activities.

Pictured above: Nick Shailer guest speaker at the launch of 'Greetings from Magnetic Island'

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