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Above: Magnetic Island Forts Junction Hub 31 May 2021 © Civil Plus

The final asphalt layer has been lain on the road and carpark at the Forts Junction site. The Forts Junction Hub upgrade project is being finalised over the next few weeks.

The Forts Walk is now open and accessible to walkers.

Radical Bay Road entrance will be closed 6am-4pm weekdays.

Construction is on track to be completed early June 2021.

  • The Forts Walk is OPEN to walkers.

  • Access to the Radical Bay Road is PARTIALLY CLOSED to vehicles until further notice.

  • TRAFFIC DISRUPTIONS will occur, and motorists should allow for delays when traveling between Horseshoe Bay and Arcadia.

  • There is NO PARKING for vehicles or scooters at the Forts Junction area, until further notice.

  • There is no space for DROP OFF OR PICK UP at the Forts Junction, until further notice.

  • The BUS STOPS at the Forts Junction are CLOSED. The bus drivers will provide information about alternative bus stops.

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