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Expose´ Picnic Bay

From as early as the 1880s Picnic Bay was the place where people came in large numbers to enjoy the recreational activities of sea bathing, rock climbing – and relaxation.

Picnic Bay saw the first European settlement on the Island when the Butler family came to live there in 1876 and started their guesthouse and ferry service. It was where entrepreneur Robert Hayles saw the potential of tourism and built the first hotel and a jetty to best get his patrons to his establishment. His business of ferrying visitors to and from the Island was to continue for well over eighty years.

Picnic Bay was where unwell immigrants were first quarantined. It was where formal education was established with the opening of a school and where the first lifesaving club took its roots. Picnic Bay is now recognized as the heritage centre of Magnetic Island.

The story of Picnic Bay is the subject of Magnetic Museum’s new exhibition for 2023. Expose´ Picnic Bay will be opened on Saturday 1 April at 2pm and a welcome to attend is extended to all.

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