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Crime Crisis In Townsville Out of Control

Pictured above: Victim of Crime John Nawar and Federal Member for Herbert Phillip Thompson in front of John's jeep which was used to wreak havoc across Townsville this week.

Federal Member for Herbert Phillip Thompson is calling for urgent State Government action to curb stolen car crime.

Townsville resident, John Nawar is the latest crime victim, with his stolen Jeep being one of many wreaking havoc across Townsville on Tuesday, forcing the Civic Theatre into lockdown.

Mr Thompson and Mr Nawar met at a local towing yard today, where Mr Nawar’s car is currently being held, along with half a dozen others that were used in the carnage.

Mr Thompson lays blame for the increasing crime rate on the lack of action of the State Government.

“We should expect that our state Labor members represent us appropriately, taking our issues to the Premier for action. This is not happening and it is not good enough,” Mr Thompson said.

Mr Nawar described the flow on effects of an incident like this as something that is having a heavy financial burden on himself and his family.

“The next step now is making appointments with builders to put up 6ft gates in front of my house. Who is going to pay for that?” Mr Nawar said.

“I am really scared to see what my (insurance) premiums are going to be like next year now. It’s just not right.”

Mr Thompson’s message to the State Labor Government remains very clear.

“What more needs to happen in Townsville before we see action from this weak State Labor Government?” Mr Thompson said.

“I have said it before and I will continue to say it until they listen: Scott Stewart, Aaron Harper and Les Walker, get your heads out of the sand. You need to act and act now.”

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