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Council to waive recycling bin upgrade fees as part of National Recycling Week

Townsville residents are being encouraged to upgrade to a larger recycling bin to help celebrate Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week from November 7-13.

As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to enhance resource recovery and improving recycling rates, Council will waive the $33.20 change fee for the first 2000 households that choose to upgrade from a standard 240L recycling bin to a larger 360L model.

“Our larger 360L recycling bins have been available as an option for around 10 years and while we have over 1000 in service, we’d love to see that number jump up,” Townsville Water and Waste Committee Chairperson Russ Cook said.

“If an additional 2000 households upsize to a 360L recycling bin service up to 186t of additional recyclables can potentially be diverted from landfill per annum, equating to about $16,000 in waste levy savings.”

In addition to waiving the 360L recycle bin upgrade fee, Townsville Waste Services will also hold other activities for National Recycling Week, including the launch of the Recycle Mate App, a free, simple and convenient way of finding which bin to put recyclable items in or where to drop off other recoverable items such as electronic waste, batteries, mobile phones and the like.

Council will also hold public tours of its Material Recovery Facility on Saturday, November 12, with residents able to get online and book a walk-through tour of the premises.

On top of that Council will be running a Recycle Champions competition which will reward households for their faultless recycling behaviour.

For more information visit our Water, Waste and Environment Page.

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